Health Promotion & Screening

Our practice nurses work every day Monday to Friday and hold surgeries to promote health promotion and screening including:

  • Asthma clinic – All patients should be seen at least yearly. Make an appointment with the Nurse and bring along your inhalers.
  • Chlamydia Screening – Tests for both Men and Women are kept in our patient toilet; these can be used by any of our patients and can be handed in discreetly over reception. 
  • Coronary heart disease / MI check-ups – Please make an appointment at least once a year with Nurse.
  • Diabetes Clinic – We like to see our Diabetic patients once a year to help them manage their condition. Please make an appointment with the Nurse.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy – Eye checks annually with your chosen optician ask the Nurse or reception for a list of opticians providing this service.
  • Epilepsy – All patients should be seen at least yearly but the Doctor may ask you to come in more often to review your medication.
  • Hypertension clinic – Make an appointment with the Nurse or Health Care Assistant for regular blood pressure checks.
  • Immunisations – (Baby and holiday vaccinations) see our Immunisation page.
  • Minor Surgery – Joint injections can be done in the surgery by one of our Doctors.  Please make an appointment if you would like to discuss getting an injection. 
  • Screening Health Checks & Dietary / Alcohol / Exercise advice –  Make an appointment with the Health Care Assistant,  bring along a urine specimen to check for diabetes
  • Sexual Health – Contraception pill checks, depo injection checks.

Health care assistant 

The health care assistant supports the practice nurses and does well person checks, hypertension, ECG’s and some injections.

 Page last updated: 4 August, 2021